Chemicals Production

Thanks to the highly educated backbone in RIPI (Research institute of Petroleum Industry), Saman Energy Petroleum Industry Supply Co., as the first and biggest knowledge-based  spin-off company of RIPI, has started its works on production of high-end engineered chemicals.

Benefiting from high technology and fully equipped laboratories in RIPI, this company has been working on engineering and production of all required chemicals in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry.

Production of 13X Zeolite Powder, production of Agricultural Sulfur in form of pastilles, production of tailor-made Demulsifiers for different oil and gas fields, production of Synthetic Base-oil and production of CNG compressors’ oil for the stations are some of various project done in our company in this field and they are already in the industrial production phase.

You can see details of our recent projects here.

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